Review: How to Have a Baby and Not Lose Your Sh*t at King’s Head Theatre, London

Friday 7th October 2022 at King’s Head Theatre, London.


Reviewer: Tina Zucco

How to Have a Baby and Not Lose Your Shit is an hour of guilty laughter that entertains from start to finish.

The play begins with this late-night-friends-talk moment where Alice (Michelle Luther) introduces us to all her misfortunes of trying for a baby. Watching the first few minutes of the play I can’t help but feel like I’m starting a new friendship, like Alice and I are bonding and I’m extremely interested in hearing all of her life experiences, good and bad.

Of the latter, there have been many, as Alice, now pregnant, had to go through more than one miscarriage and now fears of never being a mother, or being a very bad one at that. Although the themes are dark and at times difficult to digest, Luther never fails to make us laugh, handling difficult topics brilliantly.

The script by Kirsty Smith is impeccable and entertaining throughout, wonderfully fun at times and wrenching and poignant at others. Direction by Lucy Speed is just as perfect, with a great use of the small space available, the character is able to take us to different locations without ever changing the set. This works extremely well as it never slows down the pace of the performance, but stills makes it really clear where we are thanks to the impeccable performance by Luther.

Luther is a perfect Alice, so likeable even with all her faults. She felt extremely real and it was all thanks to Luther’s performance; from quieter confessional moments, to louder wedding parties, and even goosebumps-giving screams, there’s never a moment you want take your eyes away from her.

I can’t even pinpoint my favourite moment of this play as literally every minute, every line, from beginning to end is an absolute joy to watch.

How to Have a Baby and Not Lose Your Shit plays the King’s Head Theatre until October 9th 2022 – you can find tickets and more information here.

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