Review: Avocado Presents at Baron’s Court Theatre, London

Thursday 3rd November 2022 at The Baron’s Court Theatre, London.


Reviewer: Tina Zucco

Avocado Presents is on at the Baron’s Court Theatre every Thursday at 9pm, with a improvised one act comedy. Throughout the course of the hour, the duo (Hamza Mohsin & Jake Migicovsky) have taken us to 5 different scenarios, ranging from a date in an old man’s pub to a toxic father and son relationship.

The duo has the very tough challenge to come up with scenarios,  characters, script, and dynamics, without ever talking to each other. 

Contrarily to what other improv groups might do, Mohhsin and Migicovsky don’t use audience suggestions or a hat full of prompts, instead, they just rely on the chemistry between them, the looks, the body language, and roll from there.

Because of this way the show is structured, the scenes become quite slow paced and at times repetitive. The actors also seemed at times insecure about where they should have taken the scene, and that resulted in some muted characters and scenes with little development and low stakes.

It is an almost impossible task, reviewing an improv show, because what I’ve watched will be very different from what you’ll see if you decide to go and catch the duo after you’ve read this review. I certainly want to go again, to see how different it will be each time and to experience more on-the-spot comedy.

Although every show will differ, some things that I imagine will always be present are, the great music choices by the live DJ, the snarky characters and the bond and chemistry between the actors.

Avocado Presents is an original idea for a lovely post-dinner fun show to not be missed, and be caught multiple times, as it will always be different and enjoyable.

Avocado Presents plays at Baron’s Court Theatre each Thursday at 9pm – you can find more information and tickets here.

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