Review: Maybe, Probably at The Old Red Lion Theatre, London

Tuesday 4th October 2022 at The Old Red Lion Theatre, London.


Reviewer: Tina Zucco

Maybe, Probably is a play about the doubts and fears of parenting in a modern world.

The play begins with Guy (Cory English) and Kate (Kristy Meyer) deciding while at their friends’ house, that although their relationship has gone brilliantly for the last 12 years, it may be time for a shake up; time to pull the goalie and stop trying to not get pregnant.

Maybe, Probably delicately lists all of the concerns and tribulations an older couple goes through when starting a family. As they repeat various times, the odds are against them, because as a couple on the edge of 40, getting pregnant can be tricky as well as risky.

While Zoey (Maria Teresa Creasey) and Hugh (Lance C.Fuller), have to go through the expensive IVF treatment and the trauma of a miscarriage, everything seems to go almost too smoothly for Kate and Guy, which results in some small tensions rising between the two couples.

The play runs for about 75 minutes in one act, that seems too slow both in its delivery and in its scene changes, and lacks of chemistry between some of the actors. however, Maybe, Probably presents some truly enjoyable and naturalistic moments, like when Guy and Kate are sitting in a hospital waiting room and discuss baby names.

The highlight of the play seems to be Creasey’s performance, as she brilliantly portrays Zoey, a character that is not lacking in depth,and has interesting story lines. Creasey manages to pick up the pace of the show anytime she steps on the stage, and leaves us wanting to know more about her character and past tribulations.

It would indeed be very interesting to see how her story develops, as the challenges and mistrials that her and Hugh go through present higher stakes and a more dynamic relationship that would make for an interesting domestic play. 

It felt like Maybe, Probably should have run a bit faster, maybe with some music in between the scene changes to distract us from what was happening in front of us. It needs for the stakes to seem higher, as it never feels like Kate and Guy truly fear that something may go wrong with this high-risk pregnancy.

Maybe, Probably is written by Eric Henry Sanders and directed by Lydia Parker. It plays The Old Red Lion Theatre until October 15th 2022 – tickets and more information can be found here.

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