Review: La Voix Live, 2021 (Touring)

Saturday 13th November 2021 at the Grand Opera House, York


I’ll tell you how to enjoy a good Saturday night, shall I? Forget the pubs and the clubs, and spend it instead in the company of a diva with pipes as bold and as glorious as her signature red hair!

The show offers a combination of music (with live band on stage) and comedy, with the comedy being a cheeky blend of easy charismatic patter, impressions of goddesses of the music industry and taking aim at audience dress sense and/ or life choices. There’s definitely padding beyond the costuming here, but there’s plenty of fun to be had throughout the night, with cracking tongue-in-cheek impressions of Cher, Tina Turner and Shirley Bassey all being highlights. But so too is La Voix’s own whole-hearted belting as she sings as her own sparkling self (and possibly for her life based on the sheer lung power). Best of all though, is that regardless of whether the song is being sung for comedy or as a covert West End audition for any casting directors in the house, the voice is powerful and fabulous. La Voix as Bassey? Fabulous.

Kudos must also go to whoever is responsible for the lighting design (James Deacon?) as the statement shifts to something resembling a Bond theme music video when it’s time to let loose the voice are just great. I spent a fair bit of time just admiring the gorgeous lighting instantly turning our star into a Hollywood diva – with the flawless face and glitzy costumes also playing their part, of course. With smoke-filled reveals of costume changes and Vegas-type segues into the next number to boot, there’s plenty of drama to enjoy, but that stagey drama is almost always nicely undercut by some physical gags or a sardonic eyebrow raised at just the right time.

So, an evening with La Voix is an evening well spent if you ask me. From the opening number to the pretty ingenious audience-led encore, La Voix has her audience right where she wants them – she’s unfazed by audience antics, quick on her heeled feet and free with her playful barbs. But really, this isn’t just about comedy timing, a high glamour aesthetic or powerful singing – there’s a warm, winning personality at the centre of everything and we pretty quickly recognise an unmistakable seasoned stage presence when we see it. We laughed, we danced and we whooped at curtain call – definitely recommended.

La Voix continues to tour until April 2022 and you can find dates and tickets here.

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