Interview (Part II): Francesca Forristal Talks Inspirations & the Importance of New Work

In Part I of my interview with Francesca Forristal we talked serious business alongside comedy and drag (get caught up here). Here we look at the lighter side of things from comedy stage inspirations to a life-changing discovery of one Ms. Bernadette Peters. Here’s Part II with Forristal - writer/singer/performer/comic combined... Onwards we go! We’re... Continue Reading →

Interview (Part I): Francesca Forristal Talks Theatre, Drag & the Importance of Laughing to Learn

My latest gossipy chinwag is with Francesca Forristal, comedy and songwriter, actor and drag artist extraordinaire. Here in Part I Francesca talks about getting into the arts, the importance of broad thinking when it comes to drag artists and why it’s so important to laugh at the difficult subjects in order to truly engage with... Continue Reading →

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