An Update From The Stage Door

I recently  wrote a piece on my ineptitude with Stage Doors- namely never convincing myself to actually stay. Well, dear readers, on Saturday 21st January, 2017, I waited outside a stage door for the first time – and met Rachel Tucker on her way to get greenified for Wicked…


We were actually a little cheeky as we were on our way to see ‘Rent’ at the St James Theatre (review here) and as we passed the Apollo Victoria, we decided to hang around for a while. I didn’t feel too guilty, as I’ve seen ‘Wicked’ five times (here’s the review), so I’ve earned my place at that Stage Door methinks! Anyway, we waited in the cold for about an hour, not bad at all if you’re used to ticket lines! Then Tucker appeared as if from nowhere (perhaps she really is the real Elphaba…) and was thoroughly lovely. It was brief, but pretty special; she happily greeted every single person and chatted to all of us, listening to the inevitable babbling of excited fans with gracious smiles. She signed things and had pictures with everyone who asked (also cheerily wishing me a Happy Birthday), and was very generous with her time considering the fact that she was on her way inside for the matinee. I’m pretty sure that my fan girl side only made a fleeting appearance and I was happily able to finally show my appreciation in person rather than from behind a keyboard.

It turns out that the Stage Door experience is brief but worthwhile if you’re so enamoured of a performer or show that you’re prepared to wait around for them. There’s no way to tell whether all actors are so charming and gracious as Rachel Tucker, but I sincerely hope so. I think the Stage Door may well beckon again the next time I see a true star performer, and next time I won’t dither about it for literal years!


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