Lasting Impressions: Stomp

Theatre Royal, Nottingham. 23rd September, 2010.


There is a reason for ‘Stomp’ being in and out of theatres since 1991: it is gloriously entertaining and completely timeless. I remember being blown away by this show; the energy, the sound and the endless imaginative ways to create sound were superb. The cast were mind-bogglingly talented and their dexterity when swinging Tarzan-style from improvised instrument to surprising instrument was a genuinely jaw-dropping thing to watch. There were flips, twists, turns and literal bending over backwards while still keeping the beat; there was even water involved without ever disrupting the rhythm and it was clear that an awful lot of time had gone into making those sequences and interactions appear spontaneous.

The talent required for a production like this is evidently gargantuan, and this cast certainly matched the job description; their physical strength, skill and slick, precise timing were incredibly impressive. I also liked the fact that within the epic chorus of sound, there were comedic moments and displays of fun relationships between cast members; there were certainly grins galore as they accosted the audience with astounding versatility and creativity for almost two hours. This show is for any music lover, any lover of innovation and imagination, and for anyone looking for a brilliantly entertaining evening. You can currently see it at the Ambassadors Theatre in London- get yourself to the box office!

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