Review: Roseacre at Harrogate Theatre

Friday 15th July, 2016, at Harrogate Theatre.


It is the infinitely creative style of this company and their impressive approach to a piece that continues to allure. Square Peg’s style is so arresting because it is superbly slick and very, very clever.

‘Roseacre’ is a Nordic Noir Crime Thriller which tells the story of a murder and a modern love triangle. It is a strong production and performance by the cast but I must say that I preferred the challenge and grit of their previous production: ‘The Maids’. After speaking to my accompanying friends, I realise that this is probably down to the fact that I don’t really seek out or appreciate the popular on-screen Nordic crime dramas on which Square Peg has fashioned this production. The pregnant pauses seem too frequent for my taste, but this is obviously a personal preference and is in no way criticism of this production- it seems spot on in its adoption of the genre.

Highlights in ‘Roseacre’ are the brilliantly conceived dart throwing scene, the beautifully choreographed ‘find Vivienne’ scene and the gun as door-handle. I also love the funny sex worker who happens to be a capable makeshift surgeon and a triumphantly defiant woman of the night; Katie Robinson has proven herself to be a deft multi-roler.

Overall, this is another cleverly constructed production from Square Peg- far superior to a lot of physical theatre productions circulating right now. Their style is distinctive and ambitious, using space and objects in ways which would never have worked if verbalised or envisioned, and yet work perfectly within their crafted parameters here. It feels fresh and enlightening to watch how this company use their actors, space and token props, and the sense of quality in the finished product of a Square Peg production is unquestionable. For that reason, this talented company is well worth watching.

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