Review: Vamos Theatre’s The Best Thing

Leeds Carriageworks Theatre, Wednesday 4th May, 2016.


The Best Thing is another very clever piece from Vamos which delicately balances humour with true tragedy. I first discovered the phenomenal talent of this full mask theatre company a good few years ago in Liverpool. Although I’d already been a fan of puppet and masked theatre for years, I was definitely dubious of a silent, full mask company promising a great evening of laughter and tears. I was, however, more than pleasantly surprised. It took all of three minutes for me to fall head over heels in love with the beauty of a silent masked company.

Looking at love, relationships and the perils of social taboos in the swinging sixties, The Best Thing offers charm, pathos and plenty of sixties hits to punctuate the action. The show’s characters invite instant investment and there are some great twists in their story.

The masks of Vamos are always fantastically done, allowing unmoving features to take on an impressive array of shifting meanings when coupled with such brilliantly expressive physicality from the actors. It’s all very subtle and that’s only a fraction of what makes this company and this show so worth seeing.

Trust me on this, if you see a Vamos production coming your way, go and see it – it’s not a decision you will regret.

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